Hachmann's Custom Building, Inc
Quality is Our SpecialtyOur unique way of building offers you the perfect home of distinction


Hachmann’s Custom Building is a family owned business located in Chaffee County, Colorado. For over 20 years we have built homes always putting quality first. Our customer satisfaction is 100%. We are well versed in residential, commercial and light industrial construction projects.  Our portfolio speaks for itself.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our well trained team performs over 80% of the work on each project, from foundation to  trim,  to ensure the continuity of our quality standards in your custom home.

Distinctive Value

We continually seek out the best building practices and techniques so that your new home’s systems work together to be energy efficient, solid and comfortable all year round.

Building Relationships

From start to finish we devote our time to making sure we have a detailed understanding of your dream home.

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  1. Sue Bevan

    Hey Stan,

    Was looking on Ben’s sight for current obits. and your site came up right under his. Pretty neat,
    Happy New Year to you and you family – Sue

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